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Happy New Year 2018

Well its now 2018 and like I said there is so much to do, so much I want to achieve this year. Lets see what happens. For one, I will be attempting to not see any movie I have not... Continue Reading →

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New hosting

for my followers to look at I will be posting more on my actual website, I look forward to seeing anyone who has posted on there and will endeavour to do much much better than on here.  

Down but not forgotten

I started off this year by saying that things were going to change. Don't worry I am not going to turn this page in to a movie blog as my first 2 entries might have made y-ou think. But I... Continue Reading →

Death Note, By Netflix

Im going to start this review by saying I wasn't really looking forward to watching this. I have seen the Japanese movies and the Anime so coming in to this I knew somewhat to expect. Instead of this I was... Continue Reading →

The Lego Batman Movie, My First Movie of 2018

Ok, so something I am looking at doing this year is taking a look at movies I have not seen and putting my thoughts out on it. Please note I am not a professional critic, I know what I like... Continue Reading →

Thinking of going in another direction.

someone who hasn't really done anything with this site. I think its time for a new direction. Im still a trans person, I still have my opinions on what happens in the world. However these opinions shouldn't just be about... Continue Reading →

This has been a long time coming.

I think this has been a long time coming, Looking back I haven't really used this site to the best of my ability. Though for the foreseeable future I hope to get this changed. So whats been happening? Well one... Continue Reading →

Surveys and Results

There is something in going through the twitters-here at the moment about a survey about trans people.  The article in question says something along the lines of "why a lot of Americans don't want to befriend a transgender person" and... Continue Reading →

Loss of faith in the world

You know what? I think I have lost quite a bit of faith in the world since starting transition. It's not to myself but what I see around me.  Some things can be forgiven but some things can't. I can... Continue Reading →

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