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Happy January 1st 2017

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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Surveys and Results

There is something in going through the twitters-here at the moment about a survey about trans people.  The article in question says something along the lines of "why a lot of Americans don't want to befriend a transgender person" and... Continue Reading →

Loss of faith in the world

You know what? I think I have lost quite a bit of faith in the world since starting transition. It's not to myself but what I see around me.  Some things can be forgiven but some things can't. I can... Continue Reading →

I’m scared for the world now

Yes that's right. I am scared for the world now. I'm scared and angry about everything that is happening.  With countries setting off gas bombs. To other countries firing missiles. I have gone from being scared for myself to being... Continue Reading →

Why is the world like this? 

This is just going to be a short one. I feel that doing more updates on this is better than doing a big long one every month or so.  Anyway. I have been noticing that lately with the hormones I... Continue Reading →

Move the damn day of Trans visibility

So yesterday (31st March) in Australia was part of the International day of Trans Visibility. And as a person that is Trans I think it is great that we have a day that signifies that we are actually here and... Continue Reading →

Question for one that might travel

I have a question. One that I am thinking of and that is burning inside my mind.  My question is one that makes me wonder. To the leaders of the world, what are you doing to get people like me... Continue Reading →


On twitter, There was a survey from The Guardian Global Development Professionals Network in which they have asked about peoples heroes in the LGBT community. I have asked that one person in particular be nominated. *** Hi There.  A short while... Continue Reading →

Why do people do these things?

I have been very lax in the past few days with posting on here. If not for anything else that I have been quite afraid of the internet as of late. I should have known this type of thing would... Continue Reading →

Out thoughts are with Melbourne

On Friday the 20th Of January, Melbourne Australia. There was a great tragedy. Due to the stupidity of 1 individual there are now 3 people dead and multiple people all in hospital. If you wish to read the story as... Continue Reading →

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