Death Note, By Netflix

Im going to start this review by saying I wasn’t really looking forward to watching this. I have seen the Japanese movies and the Anime so coming in to this I knew somewhat to expect.

Instead of this I was watching a formulaic American movie.

Main character Light is to be a smart kid. But first thing is showing that he is not as smart as the Japanese one, having to have everything spelled out for him.

The focus on the killing of people was more shown as trying to get the affection of a girl. I basically yelled at the screen, don’t show a sex scene, don’t show a sex scene… and what do they show… I mean seriously.

There is shock value with the ways the killings have taken place with a beheading and showing the way the bodies splat. The constant arguing between Light and Ryuk, instead of Ryuk being interested in what might happen, he is antagonising. Light is just a boy, not a smart person like with the Japanese version.

Maybe I am bias…. I do believe I am… But this was NOT a good movie.


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